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Math Pacing Guide--Click here to access the Math Pacing Guide

LA Pacing Guide--Click here to access the LA  Pacing Guide

Science Pacing Guide--Click here to access the Science  Pacing Guide

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Mrs. Lint's Playlist for YouTube Language Arts Videos:
Mrs. Lint's LA YouTube Playlist

This is a list of songs that goes along with the notes on Figurative Language in our Reading Notebooks:
Figurative Language Notes Playlist

Figurative Language Videos

Jefferson Lab - SOL Practice

PWCS LA Documents -This is a link to all the PWCS Language Arts Documents. The fifth grade team at MVES follows the county pacing guide.

Roald Dahl Homepage - We are starting the year with an author study on Roald Dahl. Start at home by playing on his cool website!

Text Structure Presentation--

Text Structure Flocabulary--

STAR - This is a great SOL review website for all subject areas and grade levels.